Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life just ain't that bad...

Seems life is harder to live peaceably in this new millenium. With the death of my dear Father at Thanksgiving 2003, life truly took a turn down a path of the unexpected, the unknown, the unsettling moments of dispair and disbelief.

And, of course, we watch as David's parents clamour for more time. We wait for the other boot to drop, to kick, to knock us further down the path of utter uncertainty.

And we wonder aloud, how do we stay positive? How do we teach our children to live in a world that gives and takes without regard to preparation or timing?

Joseph Chilton Pearce once said, "Seeing within changes one's outer vision." I don't know who Pearce is or was or anything about the circumstances of his life. But I know his truth. With my husband and children locked within the confines of a five by five vehicle, we paused to consider the light in our darkness. I share with you today the brightness of our year that prior to considering, seemed dark and scarey and unyielding.

Life is beautiful, even in the darkest times...

Princess Bugatti of Kit Kat
Paul coming for Birthday
Chicago with Aunt Shari, Aunt Diane, Rachel and Sara
Cosi – riding the bike
Cosi – simulation
Cosi – weather girls
Las Vegas
Sedona vortex tour
Cactus, snake food at bar
Tree house in Sedona
Celery and peanut butter in Seligman, AZ
American Girl Party with the Nuns
Bed bugs in Memphis
“What the heck! Wwhh aa tt the heck??”
Susanna Lee at Days Inn
Arkansas border - again and again
4 am two nights in a row
24 hour Elvis
Pontiac G6
Being alive
Train to Chicago
New laptops
Cadillac transmission FINALLY
Lasik surgery
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Halloween Party at SJV
Halloween in Goodrich
Dad’s final gift
Build a Bear Workshop
Sterling Inn Waterpark (TWICE!!)
School Christmas Play roles for Colt and Isi
Green belts for Daddy and Colt
Cancun – Club Med
Frownie Cab
Birthday with Noah
Corvette convertible
Bathroom at Cottage
Mushroom hunting with Todd
Surviving spleenectomy
Sara’s First Communion
Colton’s taking of host
Girl Scout Court of Awards – Sold the most.
Chinese lady rescue at fireworks
Fire cracker at fireworks
Summer camp for Colt
Performances at Summer Camp
Avalon at the Midland building
Tim McGraw
Starting school again
Popcorn sales
Ending school
Star gazing with John on hay bales
Working out at Hurley
Swim class
Being at home in the summer
New pen pal club
Winning brochure at work
Lord of the Rings movie night
Mr. And Mrs. Smith
Making own pizza with Lonsways
Battle Ally Christmas
Cop ride in Toledo
Ice cubes in Brunner pool
Colt and Daddy grew hair long
Ferrari photo
Ice cream bar in Vegas
Vegas swimming pool
Kids room in Vegas
Hiking in Sedona
The Grand Canyon hike
Breaking the hot tub in Sedona
Star gazing in Sedona
Having Aunt Shari come to birthday in Chicago
Cartoon dancing
Cartoon singing
PTO organization
Tyler as a new friend
Driving with Angela
Bike trip with David
Royal Oak with Angela and Christal – understanding Freakfelters
Playing Bunco at Ryan’s party
Becky’s wedding race
Becky’s wedding
Stripping in street
Watching Grandma and Mom laughing on trip
Touch me in the morning – for Stephensons
Desperate Housewives with Stephensons
Books on the PDA
Syrah EXP
Corn maze
Mt. Pleasant Casino with Grandma
Touring Lake George
Sault St. Marie casino
Menopause the Musical
MGM Grand
Greektown Casino Birthday Party
Mystery Train
Red Truck
Grabbing crouton from neighbors salad
Hitting the guy at the MGM who won
Jackie and Tim in Brighton
Plane to Las Vegas
Spa weekend at Faholo – ending with El Azteca
Spa treatments in Sedona
Website with Isi and Sara
Plymouth with Shari and Diane
Drive in with Tom, Donnie, Janelle, Grandma
Home makeover for 1317 Blanchard
David and Angela anniversary party
Business directory
Mourning with friends
Helping friends in need
David praying with Stephensons
Inner tubing at Eikeys
Software assistance from Tim
Daddy and Colt in Grand Blanc parade
Pinewood Derby competition
Red Gate (Praschan) petting farm
Work conferences
Lapeer massages
Kids baptism
David Ready
Polar Express at the Imax
wine tasting @ Lone Oaks by cottage
choir classics w/piano Jane, organ Andrew
Purpose Driven Life, Sunday School
new roof (cool shingle!) on 1317
Godspell in Westland w/Suzanne
removal of 2 huge trees in backyard
financial plans w/ Waddell & Reed
Professor Joe Martin
Excellent Teacher Reports for kids
Midland car show