Sunday, February 18, 2007

On my mind...

Anna Nicole - I think Howard adored Anna. From the earliest days, I saw it in the way he looked at her, the way he catered to her. And I believe she loved him in a way she loved no one else, not even Zsa Zsa's Prince! He made her feel safe, protected. He proved his loyalty to her time and again. More so than anyone else. In the end, she remained with him - not her Mom, her long line of old boyfriends, her assistant Kimmie. I hope Howard gets the kid, not that I think he is necessarily the biological father. I do think he will make the best Daddy. He knew and loved Anna more than the rest of them. I think he will cater to Danilynne Hope the way he catered to Anna, regardless of the money involved.

War plans - yes, it's always on my mind. I read last night that the original plans called for a mere 5,000 troops remaining in Iraq by Dec. 2006. Oops, another miscalculation in a long line of them. For the record, we are up to 3135 American troops dead and 23,530 injured. Another 62,296 Iraqis are dead in Iraq, with British sources reporting more than 100,000 civilians. At what gain?

A little post Valentine fun - I set up my friend on an online dating service, went through the grueling 45 minute personality profile questionnaire, thinking she would be entertained at best. She isn't. In fact, she hardly answers the phone any more. I keep calling her with updates and inquires from Allen, Marc and Phil. She just lets me leave another exasperated message.

Britney shaved her head! I just read the salon is going to auction off the shorn locks. It's hard to even comment on this one.

Still cold here, very cold - 18 degrees seems balmy compared to the below zeros we have been experiencing. I opened the door the other day and was almost pushed back by the frigid blast! I loved it! What could be more exhilerating? What could serve as a better reminder of how very little control we have in this life? We can't change the weather! (Well, not immediately anyway, Global Warmers!)

Until next time...