Saturday, August 19, 2006

1:58 pm Detroit

In the airport, Detroit Metro, heading for NYC, with lots of warnings over the pa system. No liquids. Be on look out for suspicious activities. I threw in my Dad’s money clip before I left today – put it in my right pocket. It got snagged at the gate. I forgot about the blade attached. It has to be the size of a fingernail clipper. Fortunately, David and the kids were standing by to see if I would make it through the gate. The attendant gave it to him…

I think this is the first time I have flown by myself. I look around and I see plenty of others on the computer like me. They must have paid the 8 bucks for the web. I refused. I thought these hot spots in the airport were free??? Actually, I am glad. Gives me a chance to start this log. I haven’t done it in awhile and I have really wanted to, especially since I recently read about some bloggers who helped promote the new “snake” movie and in return received free Treo phones! Can you believe it? What a great time to be alive!

On the way here, Sharon called David to see if I would be interested in flying to Vegas with Grandma Nan Sept. 15. I cannot imagine another trip. This is my second without the kids and I’m already feeling bad. A few more days away seems over whelming.

Anyway, NYC… We are house sitting in the village – two cats and wireless internet. I found a site last night that maps star sightings. I’m already feeling lucky. I think if I see any, I will post on the map. I also tried downloading the NYC webcam on the computer at home so David and the kids could see me. But it appears to only be a widget. Sooooo, I will simply have to check out the site to see where I peer from time to time.

The webcam has caused a modern day dilemma in our world of moral defining actions. Shortly after downloading it, I sat down to check out the city, zeroed in on some folks in a part. Within two minutes, one of those I was surreptitiously observing turned to his friends and dropped his draws!! He mooned them! I couldn’t believe it!

The following day, I thought I would try my luck again, seeing if I could tap into another interesting observance (if you call a full moon interesting). Dang, it was raining. Traffic was sparse – moon park was empty.

Hey, the guy behind me just yelled! He is with his parents and they keep trying to keep him calm. He looks as if he might be a little touched, but excuse me, we are in the Orange Zone. Does this count as suspicious behavior?? Is he traveling on my plane???

Anyway, Moon Park was empty – so I thought until I noticed a small part of someone sitting on a park bench. I could just barely see the top of his head bobbing – IN THE RAIN?? He didn’t have an umbrella, rain coat or galoshes! Was he ok? I zeroed in on the sceen. Suddenly, the guy falls over on the ground, on his back, IN THE RAIN!! He just lays there!!!!

Now, the guy behind me is rocking and humming. OH BROTHER! He better not be sitting next to me!!

So the guy is laying there on his back in the park! I am in Flint Michigan watching from a webcam in my dry living room. Was he dead?? I kept watching, now on my feet, wondering if I could even possibly call 9-1-1 for something I observed hundreds of miles away. Can I? Does anybody know?

I keep watching – I see some movement – and wish I could suddenly call over some loud speaker to the people who are passing him by on the other side of the fence. Hey, we have a guy down over there. Someone. Anyone!!

He suddenly rolls over and staggers to his feet. He then stumbles to the street. Where is he going? Surely he is drugged or drunk. Someone – a friend? – stops him and they seem to engage in a lively conversation. Dead guys arms are waving – the other guy is laughing – until Dead Guy heads off the curb and into NEW YORK TRAFFIC!! His friend lunges to save him from getting struck by a car – a yellow cab no doubt.

Suddenly, I felt kind of icky. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me watch this scene unraveling before me. Nope, not even the kids are in the house. Who could imagine all this was happening… Who on earth could I tell??

Strangely, my connection failed at that point. I jumped to reconnect but by the time I got back online, Dead Guy and his friend were gone. I looked around for an ambulance. None. I searched for his staggering self. Nothing.

Thank God.

Soooo anyway, I am going to go to that location while in NYC. I am curious how it looks on the other side of the camera. I wish I could look up and wave to my friends and family. I think I will wave anyway, because who knows who might be watching – from their living room in Flint, Michigan.