Saturday, April 07, 2007

Update, of sorts

Couple things...

I am at the Fat Club on Wednesday, going through the shame of standing on the scale and hearing how successful (or unsuccessful!) I have been at warding off temptation. Psychologically, I usually go feeling defeated anyway since I pal around with a brown-nosing, life-timing, star-pupil, 39-pounds-lighter-in-a-month Fat Clubber. How can I compete with THAT!? Last week, I KNEW I was at least 10 pounds lighter for all the no's I delivered to the food devil. One point four pounds, is how they delivered my fate, as if that compares to 10 - as if the .4 is even worth noting! I thought of the star-pupil. The women recording the weight tried encouraging me. "Hey, it's a loss. You didn't gain!"

This week I felt more prepared. I jumped up on the scale and heard that I had once again missed that 10 pound reduction - by seven point six pounds!! For those of you who are doing the math, it's a loss of 2.4. Ok, so it's not 10 (the brown-noser lost 7!), but it is better than last week. I felt the encouragement this week was somewhat more genuine from the skinnier chick behind the counter. Not bad, I guess, it all adds up...

I go home, enter my weight online - wait - I enter it again. WHAT!!!!!? She did the math wrong!!! I only lost 1.4!!!! I tried and tried different combinations to reach her 2.4 - nothing worked! I felt defeated, dejected - and fat. I hate the Fat Club!

But I LOVE our new puppy! Samwise Hollister aka Snoop Dog is a cute little cockapoo, though he truly reminds me of Odie because he seems like that kind of partner for Kit-Kat. She's so wise and maternal as he dances crazily around her, nipping on her tail. She gently head-butted him last night to try and guide him on the right path. How cute is that!?

Signed, Fatty