Friday, March 31, 2006

What day is this??? 12:46 pm Destin

I really can't remember what day it is now - getting lost from one day to the next. I think it is Friday. David is doing his devotionals, fixated on the circumcision verses of Paul in Galations. Apparently, Paul (the disciple not the brother) says to "the adjatators" who are testing him about the circumcision of the heart, to emasculate themselves. He's checking other versions, swearing that the NIV is most accurate. I think it is all a matter of interpretation - but how is that for spice?? I remember saying I was going to include that in my blog and feel as though I haven't really delivered. Not sure if circumcision or emasculation qualifies for spice, but I know I wouldn't talk about it at a party. So, I guess, it is somewhat spicy.

Guys just returned with a dry jet ski. Coast Guard won't let them drop it less than 700 feet from the shore. Ah well. We can do that in the glove anyway... (glove - get it??)

We have really taken it easy this morning. In fact, David said he only wants to do one thing today - he wants to see Seaside! Excellent! So, we shall head back there. I'm going to grab some flyers/info on homes there. Maybe we can rent a little bungalow next time we need to get away. Wonder if they need unemployed Delphi engineers down there???

So - tonight, I am going crabbing. We hope to catch the sunset on the ocean and if I can squeeze it in somehow, I really want to get over to see those free gators. Wonder if I can get David to take me and the kids... I doubt it. But I am going to give it a try...

The sun is shining in our hearts and on our skin (ouch)!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday, again, 11:31 pm Destin

Catching up for lost time.

David is here beside me on the patio off our room. An apartment really. We have a tv. Bathroom. Jacuzzi. Shower, of course. A fridge right outside our door, mainly for beverages. He's reading Louis Lamour. The light is not too bright - and we can hear the waves...

I am feeling more and more guilty as I sit here, in pain from my 3rd degree burn, because I really want to take the kids and go crabbing. I heard it is fab to take a flashlight on the beach at night and dig up crabs. And I haven't done it yet - not yet. And we really only have one more night... Tonight would probably be best night but I think my pinkling Isi has already gone to bed, on her own. This marks a first, I think. She is like her mother tonight. Very burned. Colt's face is red. I think David is the only one who was smart today. Not even pink. But he has been sweet to us nonetheless.

Kathy's brother Dan has joined us. He lives in Pensacola. He brought his jet ski for tomorrow. Can't imagine being able to ride on it since I can't move...

Tonight, we parasailed - well, I didn't. I took photos. And video. David, Colt and Isi went up about 600 feet for about 12 minutes. The second crew included Bernie, Chad, Aubree and Dan. The kids and David really seemed to love it. Colt wanted to go simply so he could "live to tell about it" to his friends. He was really frightened, but more frightened that Isi would have a story and he wouldn't. So he went.

I loved watching them, but frankly - and honestly - I found myself counting the whole time they were up there. 12 minutes. 1, 2, 3, 4... I have this weird relationship with numbers, really. I discovered it when I was delivering Isi - a kind of abbreviated lamaze. I counted over and over again to 10. Somehow, it seemed the only constant thing, only reliable thing I had at the time. Numbers don't change. They don't lie. I figured that each grouping of 10 took me that much closer to the end of the pain and misery. So, today, I count - not all the time, but when I am afraid - like I was when the three of them were up there. I have seen those videos where the string breaks and the people kite away, crashing into the ocean only to be eaten by sharks... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...

And then, David wants me to write about eating at chic fil a, his favorite. I got a wrap, was suppose to be spicy. He got the original with butter - if that doesn't sound tasty! He loves it there. So glad.

What about those crabs??? I really should be over there!

And no, Colton has not yet gotten me back for pushing him in the other day. I think he will, however. He will...

And to all a good night, from Destin, by the sea, still in pain but a lovely kind of pain...

Thursday, 2:50 PM DESTIN

Is it really Thursday??? Paul informed me that I have missed a few entries. And, I guess I have...

I am remembering today how when I was young I used to get so sunburned I needed to have tea bags to soothe the pain! I have since heard that the Chinese spice can only be cooled by tea, not water or ice, like we are so inclined to grab. Thus, the tea served as tradition with every Chinese meal...

I am very, very red, sitting in the shade while the others dabble in the wake of the gulf. David rented a little two seat scooter today which I took a little ride on but could never get off. We rode up and down the street, looking at the wide array of beach houses around here. All have one thing in common - big, no, HUGE! Kathy and I stopped once while out scooting around, found our way around a tightly secured deserted hotel, shaker style siding - very new englandy. From the water's edge, you could really experience the ravages of the hurricane. The foundation was gutted. The tiles of the pool crumbled upon each other. The pink place next door had the entire back end ripped off. Another hotel. We couldn't imagine the expense of the repairs. Likely it will simply be ripped down and they will begin anew.

It was spooky looking at that thing - a real feeling of powerlessness against the hand of God, if it was God who sent the hurricane. I always feel awful when I see the dreams of people shuttered up - like Pesto's in Grand Blanc. Like Colony Market. Like those big, mamoth auto plants. The feeling is universal. Dreams die in Flint, in Destin - and probably in Seaside ... my new favorite place in the States!

On Tuesday, the girls took off down 30A. We ended up in this absolutely delightful seaside community with wonderfully narrow brick streets, brightly colored happy homes, smiling people. I felt like crying when we left after only an hour. I took a turn down one of the street only to remember Seaside was where the Truman Show was filmed. I loved that show - you know, the one with Jim Carey? About the guy who was part of a reality show and didn't know it. I want my reality to be in Seaside!! I am not lying. As much as I love the snow, this place could make me pack. I am going to check out the prices of homes and see what we can do. In fact, David met a guy who moved from A2 to be near Seaside (I suspect it is ridiculously expensive since he lives here in Destin! Oh btw, he named his business Big 10 Tires - can you guess why? And - yes, we did have to get a tire repaired - David's fault not mine - on second thought, I think it would be safe to blame it on the hurricane since so much construction is going on to repair these homes...)

Anyway, who wants to come with me to Seaside? I am planning to move my Mom with us since I wouldn't really want to be anywhere long without her around... I think she will love it too. Anyone else??

We also took the kids to a dolphin show, yesterday. I LOVED it - I mean, the kids loved it. Colton jumped up and down, clapped, screamed. Isi, was a bit more tame, but I think really loved it as well. I definitely want a pool of dolphines, some penguins, in my pool at Seaside. I think it could happen. We spent a bit longer there than I expected. Oh, and the otters were adorable. We can let them live with us also...

John, Wasan and the kids left early this morning, after a late night game of putt putt. Wasan's first time! Colton claimed two on every hole even though I watched him swing three, four and five. I will be getting his glasses fixed when we return. I am certain there is something wrong with them. I was remembering the last time I had putt-putted - with my Dad when Colton swung the club like a bat and smashed Isi in the head. I truly believe it almost knocked her out. I thought my Dad was going to have a fit, thinking his little angle was hurt by his little devil... Who knew we wouldn't play putt-putt again together after that? Maybe he was with us last night, watching Colton cheat, pick up the ball, lay on the course, stop other balls from hitting his.

Colton was equally as vigorous about go-karts. Despite the warnings, he kept tapping the kid in front of him with his go-kart, as if the kid was going to move aside to let him through... When he was done, he jumped out of his car, got behind it and pushed it about an inch ahead of the other guy and jumped up in the air and claimed victory! Does he THINK nobody sees him???

Sooo - I guess the plan in the works is parasailing. Isi said she wants to go. Aubree said it will complete her trip. I'll take photos. Which, btw, I would love to add to these posts but forgot my cable! It will have to wait. I can't imagine what Colt will do. There were people bungee jumping at the go-kart track. Isi said she wanted to do it. No one believed her except Colton. He almost cried and begged her not to. He did not want his sister to get hurt...

And just when I started to think he had no heart...

So, from the sun, the surf, the pain(!), I am on to the next adventure... I gotta find me a cookie...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Destin, 5:03 pm Monday

Got Bruce on itunes. Snuck up to the penthouse for a moment, a shower, a view at the water... I wish I had this out my window all the time! Restores my soul. Did I mention the dolphins playing yesterday? Does it get any better than that?

Spent the day hanging around the pool. In fact, I just took my shower. Maybe that is what restores my soul. No responsibilities...

Paul sent me a webcam of Destin. http//, I think. If you want to see it down here, not that I really know where that cam is at. He also wondered why no one called him about the mass murder in his neighborhood over the weekend! Who knew?? In fact, I just read about it today. I'd rather do the sun... even when it is cold... We might have hit 70 today. Though I only sat in it for a few minutes, my lily white skin shows it.

Tonight, we are going to gokarts then coming back for a flick. One Day in September. A request of Bernie. Wasan is making pot roast for John's birthday. We are celebrating the birthdays of March and April. John, Dan, Bernie, Aubree. Bernie was last night. Details. Details.

So good to see the kids having such fun and freedom. Lots of laughter around the pool. I think that is all I need to make this trip successful - I THINK...

Colt got madder than a hornet at me today. He was playing around the pool, throwing the balls at everyone. Got a little to close and I accidently shoved him in, clothes and all. He called me stupid, went to hit me, took his shoe off and threw it at me. I asked him how I could make it up to him - he said let him push me in with my clothes on. He thinks that sounds like punishment. I agreed to let him... Now I have to watch myself around the pool for sure. Paybacks are hell.

Tomorrow, I am heading up a trip for the girls to some little village shops along the scenic 30A. The guys are going to the Blue Angels and the Air Force Museum. I'm thinking we will definitely be the fun ones tomorrow! I just hope all the kids want to see the airplanes!!!

Wasn't DH something? What are these writers doing to Brea??

Must go for now...

12:24 pm 3.26.06 Sunday

Arriveed last night about 10:30 . Place is unbelievably beautiful, even in the dark. Several floors, pool in back. Kids went nuts, partially because of being cooped up for so many hours. How often can someone run up and down stairs like this? All marble floors.

I’m looking across the street now as the others return from the beech. It’s cool here. High 60s, I believe, but beautiful. Unquestionably beautiful. Sand looks like white powder. Blue green water with an occasional wave.

J &B B look good, seem pleased. Dan, John, Wasan and Kath made breakfast – pancakes. I helped with the bacon – a little wiggly, jsut the way I like it. We shall celebrate birthdays with dinners. Bernie is tonight. His request? Hawaiian chicken.

David ordered family shirts for all and placed an unidentified box on the stoop, rang the bell and ran. In surreal life fashion, Aubree got it, kids opened it and found the shirts. Who sent it? Maybe the renter??

Gotta go for now.

2:29 pm Saturday.

Robert Cray XM45 singing, I was Warned. Stopped for an hour at Corvette Museum – well, the guys went with the museum – with most of the kids. Kathy, Aubree and I went to historic Bowling Green. Found a fab coffee shop with a 14ft high door, steel. It was great. Even though I bought Tazo tea. Angela just two-wayed. David’s sharing the story about volunteering to be a taxi for the prom. Seems there is a girl who is into cabs – she even has a yellow dress with checkers. This vehicle has added such interest. I was thinking that last week when someone stopped me to ask if I could hand out flyers to my customers for a karoke contest. I have to wonder if one day I won’t be held up for some quick taxi cash.

We are suppose to arrive in Destin around 7 or 8. That’s some long hours ahead. Kath and I are going start driving together soon, I believe. The boys can be in one car. Not that I have a lot to say – I feel pretty road weary, brain dead.

Oh, and David wants to make sure I mentioned the Corvette Museum. He met thr designer once. What a name dropper.

And they didn’t really like the museum – should have been called a showroom. Dan wanted to see some older models. Only newer ones under that chicken little dome…

Sam Phillips on the radio now. Who is that and why have I never heard of him?

All for now…

Destin, Fl.3.24.06

Depart Flint at approximately 4:15 pm to meet Dan and Kathy in green van on Thompson Road McDonalds. We were suppose to be there at 4. Not a big concern, however, since they are often late – as we are…

Sure enough, Dan was pumping gas. Not too late.

Played a little from our new cd by Heywood Banks and found an uncanny resemblance of musical style of David.
Oh – and as I write – he has insisted I mention his three head contraption for the headphones. So we have traveled in relative peace and quiet. Stopped only a couple of times for potty – for Colton, Isi. Well, for all of us…

Bought a bag of chocolate covered peanuts for my Dad. He always liked them, This Brach brand, however, leaves a bit to be desired.

And to help pass time, I spent far too much time with Sim 2. Trying to complete the episode. I finally put it down about 10 minutes outside Dry Ridge Kentucky, our night’s destination. It’s 9:55 pm. Holiday Inn Express.

Must close. The sign is clearly visible.