Monday, March 27, 2006

Destin, Fl.3.24.06

Depart Flint at approximately 4:15 pm to meet Dan and Kathy in green van on Thompson Road McDonalds. We were suppose to be there at 4. Not a big concern, however, since they are often late – as we are…

Sure enough, Dan was pumping gas. Not too late.

Played a little from our new cd by Heywood Banks and found an uncanny resemblance of musical style of David.
Oh – and as I write – he has insisted I mention his three head contraption for the headphones. So we have traveled in relative peace and quiet. Stopped only a couple of times for potty – for Colton, Isi. Well, for all of us…

Bought a bag of chocolate covered peanuts for my Dad. He always liked them, This Brach brand, however, leaves a bit to be desired.

And to help pass time, I spent far too much time with Sim 2. Trying to complete the episode. I finally put it down about 10 minutes outside Dry Ridge Kentucky, our night’s destination. It’s 9:55 pm. Holiday Inn Express.

Must close. The sign is clearly visible.

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Anonymous said...

Love that you bought chocolate covered peanuts for your Dad.