Monday, March 27, 2006

12:24 pm 3.26.06 Sunday

Arriveed last night about 10:30 . Place is unbelievably beautiful, even in the dark. Several floors, pool in back. Kids went nuts, partially because of being cooped up for so many hours. How often can someone run up and down stairs like this? All marble floors.

I’m looking across the street now as the others return from the beech. It’s cool here. High 60s, I believe, but beautiful. Unquestionably beautiful. Sand looks like white powder. Blue green water with an occasional wave.

J &B B look good, seem pleased. Dan, John, Wasan and Kath made breakfast – pancakes. I helped with the bacon – a little wiggly, jsut the way I like it. We shall celebrate birthdays with dinners. Bernie is tonight. His request? Hawaiian chicken.

David ordered family shirts for all and placed an unidentified box on the stoop, rang the bell and ran. In surreal life fashion, Aubree got it, kids opened it and found the shirts. Who sent it? Maybe the renter??

Gotta go for now.


Chops said...

leave it to you to introduce me to a new use for blogs. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I do love your ideas. Think I'll go to Anna's for lunch, do you want anything?