Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Glen Arbor - August something

Just got back from walking the town while Shari and Diane beach. I would have joined them if I could. Despite a glamorous spf 50 yesterday, the sun got the best of me. Whose skin do I have anyway??

So I did the town without them - well some of it anyway. I thought I would keep something to do with them ... if they ever get back. I can't remember what time they said they would return. I am on vacation afterall, who listens that closely??

We watched the sunset last night on Lake Michigan as the moon rose behind us. It truly was a picturesque moment that many, many artists have attempted to replicate and photograph. None of the attempts can even come close. As the sun dropped behind the water I wondered if one day it would never rise again. It all seems so predictable, so definite. I can't help but think that one day even that will surprise us, we will wonder what happened, why and what will we do without the predictability. I suspect we will also discover the extent of our dependence on something we so naturally take for granted...

They closed the gas station in this town! I find that shocking considering the number of people who visit here on any given week in the summer. We had to drive to the next town over just to fill up - and the attendant was a little frazzled with the long line of cars and people impatiently waiting to pay. After a bit of a skirmish with a customer long past patient, the attendent defended his position by noting that he had three cars drive off without paying just that day. It felt like the urban jungle I was trying to escape...

Can't help but think that it was a glimpse into the future as well, however, with the oil prices, gas prices. How many stations will be forced to fold up shop? How many more people will fill up and leave because they can't afford $40 worth of gasoline?

I truly am not so far from home afterall.