Friday, March 31, 2006

What day is this??? 12:46 pm Destin

I really can't remember what day it is now - getting lost from one day to the next. I think it is Friday. David is doing his devotionals, fixated on the circumcision verses of Paul in Galations. Apparently, Paul (the disciple not the brother) says to "the adjatators" who are testing him about the circumcision of the heart, to emasculate themselves. He's checking other versions, swearing that the NIV is most accurate. I think it is all a matter of interpretation - but how is that for spice?? I remember saying I was going to include that in my blog and feel as though I haven't really delivered. Not sure if circumcision or emasculation qualifies for spice, but I know I wouldn't talk about it at a party. So, I guess, it is somewhat spicy.

Guys just returned with a dry jet ski. Coast Guard won't let them drop it less than 700 feet from the shore. Ah well. We can do that in the glove anyway... (glove - get it??)

We have really taken it easy this morning. In fact, David said he only wants to do one thing today - he wants to see Seaside! Excellent! So, we shall head back there. I'm going to grab some flyers/info on homes there. Maybe we can rent a little bungalow next time we need to get away. Wonder if they need unemployed Delphi engineers down there???

So - tonight, I am going crabbing. We hope to catch the sunset on the ocean and if I can squeeze it in somehow, I really want to get over to see those free gators. Wonder if I can get David to take me and the kids... I doubt it. But I am going to give it a try...

The sun is shining in our hearts and on our skin (ouch)!

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