Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Return, 7:30 pm, Flint

Just finished putting the last clothes away and shoving those questionables down the shoot with the withoutadoubts. So incredibly hard to believe we are back so soon. Not that the trip went fast mind you, it's more amazing that we can travel between such vastly different ways of life in so short of time. After one week in a 5,000 square foot beach house, to a $40 room last night (and believe me, you get what you pay for), it must be what Cindy felt when the clock stuck 12! The pumpkin chariot disappeared. My dress is torn!! Actually, that's a spin on Kathy's analogy. She exclaimed she was missing her glass slipper when she entered her 10x20 box of hotel...

Ahh, the good life. And I mean that in the most sincere way. We do have it good.

I end this trip with the abcs of our favorite moments in Destin, et al. Writing this blog is definitely on my list. It was great fun to steal away and write. In fact, I am going to try and make it a practice to do something on this thing at least once a week, if not more.

If you are reading this, I'm flattered. If you're not - well, you're not.

From home, home sweet home...

ABC’s of what is best about Frownfelter Family Bash ’06

A – Awesome house, Air force museum, A tv in every room (except the girls), Almost getting killed with Kathy
B – Best Value Inn, Best time of our lives, birthdays every night, bungee jumping (watching), Big 10 Tires, Blue Angels, Batman begins, Blogging
C – Cool cave (Lost Cave), caravaning with cousins, Chick-fil-a, corndogs, Crab legs, Colton’s frog, Collecting shells with Aubree, Colton’s tooth, Corvette museum
D – Dolphin show, Dolphins from the balcony, Decompressing, Destin
E – Extraordinary pool, everyone together, Exploring the hurricane damage
F – Frownie Cab, Frownfelter Family Feasts, Fun, Frownfelter Bash, fun in the sun, Family Circle of memories, Fresh squeezed lemonade, Florida
G – Great time, gorgeous sea shores, go-karts, Goodwill
H – Hilarious family, happy times, Hermit crabs, Hanging around the house
I – Incredible views
J – Job well done, Chad (for finding house), Jacuzzi suite, jet ski with Dan
K – Kids having fun, Kissing David on the beach, kitchen
L – lunar moon, laughing, lizards
M – mini golf, margaritaville, marble floors and stairs
N – No boredom, New cds – Heywood Banks, Trout Fishing in America
O – Old Bay Steamer, open roof/observation deck, Oysters, One Day in September, ocean
P – parasailing, Peter/Paul, Publix, Penguins, Photo shoot on steps, Playing/sleeping with cousins, pencil urchins
Q – quiet nights
R – repeating roast, relaxing, Royal Red Shrimp
S – Seaside, shopping, sunshine, scoot car, Sitting on the beach with David, Sharks, Swimming in the ocean, Steinmart, Shakes, Stealing wifi, Shark goggles, Scooter talks, Sun Dogs
T – Too fun, t-shirts for the Frownfelters, Toast (the song), Tahitian chicken
U – Under the sea, unbelievable
V – Verandas
W – water shows, Wings, Waffle House, Watercolor, white sand, weather
X – xpressway
Y – “Yes!”
Z – Zea Shells, zzzzzzz (good sleeping)


Diane said...

It calms my soul just reading this. I am copying and sending to Jack as well for his soul.

Love you,


Sharon said...

Sue, really enjoy reading your blog:) XOXO, Sharon in Vegas:)

Diane said...

Before we left Florida on Sunday, we did the A-B-C's of our trip. It was fun and easy and meaningful. Thanks for inspiring the idea.


Aubree :D said...

hey aunt sue loved your blog... :D
took me back to FL. thanks for mentioning me! love ya