Monday, March 27, 2006

Destin, 5:03 pm Monday

Got Bruce on itunes. Snuck up to the penthouse for a moment, a shower, a view at the water... I wish I had this out my window all the time! Restores my soul. Did I mention the dolphins playing yesterday? Does it get any better than that?

Spent the day hanging around the pool. In fact, I just took my shower. Maybe that is what restores my soul. No responsibilities...

Paul sent me a webcam of Destin. http//, I think. If you want to see it down here, not that I really know where that cam is at. He also wondered why no one called him about the mass murder in his neighborhood over the weekend! Who knew?? In fact, I just read about it today. I'd rather do the sun... even when it is cold... We might have hit 70 today. Though I only sat in it for a few minutes, my lily white skin shows it.

Tonight, we are going to gokarts then coming back for a flick. One Day in September. A request of Bernie. Wasan is making pot roast for John's birthday. We are celebrating the birthdays of March and April. John, Dan, Bernie, Aubree. Bernie was last night. Details. Details.

So good to see the kids having such fun and freedom. Lots of laughter around the pool. I think that is all I need to make this trip successful - I THINK...

Colt got madder than a hornet at me today. He was playing around the pool, throwing the balls at everyone. Got a little to close and I accidently shoved him in, clothes and all. He called me stupid, went to hit me, took his shoe off and threw it at me. I asked him how I could make it up to him - he said let him push me in with my clothes on. He thinks that sounds like punishment. I agreed to let him... Now I have to watch myself around the pool for sure. Paybacks are hell.

Tomorrow, I am heading up a trip for the girls to some little village shops along the scenic 30A. The guys are going to the Blue Angels and the Air Force Museum. I'm thinking we will definitely be the fun ones tomorrow! I just hope all the kids want to see the airplanes!!!

Wasn't DH something? What are these writers doing to Brea??

Must go for now...


Anonymous said...

Hello, sounds wonderful! Love the way the shirts were left on porch, to be found. Poor Colton,
you pushed him in the pool, fun,hope this was captured on film. He will laugh later. Living like the Kennedy's. Look forward to some more updates.

Anonymous said...

Today is Thursday, March 30, 2006
@ 11:09 am.Hope you are enjoying the seafood!