Monday, March 27, 2006

2:29 pm Saturday.

Robert Cray XM45 singing, I was Warned. Stopped for an hour at Corvette Museum – well, the guys went with the museum – with most of the kids. Kathy, Aubree and I went to historic Bowling Green. Found a fab coffee shop with a 14ft high door, steel. It was great. Even though I bought Tazo tea. Angela just two-wayed. David’s sharing the story about volunteering to be a taxi for the prom. Seems there is a girl who is into cabs – she even has a yellow dress with checkers. This vehicle has added such interest. I was thinking that last week when someone stopped me to ask if I could hand out flyers to my customers for a karoke contest. I have to wonder if one day I won’t be held up for some quick taxi cash.

We are suppose to arrive in Destin around 7 or 8. That’s some long hours ahead. Kath and I are going start driving together soon, I believe. The boys can be in one car. Not that I have a lot to say – I feel pretty road weary, brain dead.

Oh, and David wants to make sure I mentioned the Corvette Museum. He met thr designer once. What a name dropper.

And they didn’t really like the museum – should have been called a showroom. Dan wanted to see some older models. Only newer ones under that chicken little dome…

Sam Phillips on the radio now. Who is that and why have I never heard of him?

All for now…

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Sharon said...

Sue! This is great! I sent a note on the envelope button too, didn't know which one you would get? Let me know and we'll keep intouch! Love to all, Sharon