Friday, March 02, 2007

3.1.07 4:36 pm

Happy March! You’ll never guess where we are right now. Go ahead – guess…

Okay, I’ll tell you: Detroit Metro, waiting for a flight to Florida! Who knew?? I sure didn’t!

So Angela calls me yesterday and asks if I would meet her for lunch. I didn’t think much of it at the time even though she RARELY does such invites. So she calls today just to make sure I would be there. Yup! I’ll be there. I may be late … but.

So I walk into Applebees, craining my neck to find Angela. Nope, don’t see her, but look, there’s David waving across the restaurant with a goofy grin on his face. I better go say hi, right? I get a little closer and notice he is sitting with Angela’s husband! I thought, David is copying me again! He knew I was coming and wanted to beat me to the punch. Brother!

So he invites me to sit down. No, I try and beg off. (I hate to crash a party!) Then he insists, “Sit!” Ok, I’ll just wait for Angela…

In she comes, blustery and confused. She uttered something about her friend dropping her off. What? Dropped you off? We are at the restaurant! Who was going to take her back?? I guess I will have a little longer lunch hour today.

Then, David pulls a drink from behind the ketchup holder – wa la! I thought it probably has a fly in it! Angela was still muttering something about her friend having to go get her kids – nope, she changed mid-sentence, she was just kidding. Kidding? About what part?? She tries to explain …

I become so thoroughly confused when suddenly it occurs to me that this might have been set up in advance – OH MY GOSH! THEY ARE GOING TO DO A BRITNEY ON ME!!! “Is this an intervention,” I ask???

THEN, from around the corner every single staff member comes to our table – OH – they are going to sing Happy Birthday to David Stevenson – his birthday is tomorrow! OH, it all makes sense now! This is a birthday party!!

But wait, no, the manager has a paper in her hand claiming that someone at the table is the 100,000 customer at the Applebee’s and has won a trip for four to Florida!


The catch? The flight leaves tonight at 5:30!!! WHAT???

The paper showed a trip for four to Florida…

SOOOOOOO, here we are… Florida bound…

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible wonderful surprise! Is your life always filled with such amazing treats? What a husband! Oh to have such an exciting life...I'll just live vicariously through yours :))))
Love ya, Sharon