Saturday, June 09, 2007

No foot ball here!

Ouch! My foot hurts! Broke it on Thursday, rushing to get the kids. Missed a step and down I went. I felt like one of those dudes on Scarred - have you seen it? I watched one episode where a guy thought it would be cool to ski downhill backwards - and I think he did a backwards flip - on purpose! He landed like I did on Thursday 'cept both his ankles were broke! He screamed - and it echoed - through the snowcapped mountains. I hated that show, though I felt a bit of a kindred spirit with the skiier that afternoon.

And so I sit - actually, lay prone most of the day, keeping my leg raised above my heart. When the kids are here, Isi is vigilant about bringing cold ice packs. David, poor guy, needs a vacation keeping up with my demands. I really hate being this way -

Especially when there is nothing on tv except Paris and whether on not she deserves to be in or out. My friend keeps telling me she feels sorry for her - I haven't yet decided. While it interesting to me to see her crying in the back of the squad car, it feels more peculiar than interesting. Then, of course, hearing of her "medical condition" or emotional condition or mental condition - I just keep thinking there is more to the story.

Of course, there must be more to the story on Paris anyway. After all, there has to be more. I've watched Simple Life more times than I care to admit. I have seen her and Nicole "tough it out" before and after their breakup. It was the breakup that truly left me puzzled, especially after watching Nicole tell of her addiction to heroin while doing Simple Life. She was clear when she was clean that she could no longer hang with her BFF.

They are friends, again, of course. And Nicole continues to cause great speculation about her return to drugs.

My brother suggests reading a book rather than listening to the drivel. I wish I felt like picking one up!

My foot hurts. Did I mention that??


Kim Bruce said...

Hey Sue, I was missing you...checked your blog...and heard about your broken foot. To borrow a favorite word of Gerald's: bummage! I broke my ankle the night before we moved to this house and know how frustrating it is to have to just SIT and have others wait on you. [even if in theory it sounds nice...] If it's any consolation,there's a new Anne Lamott book out. Call me some day when you're bored!

Anonymous said...

I think any Riversider would say that your foot broke so you could be still and listen to God. And then you'd be resisting the stillness to pop them one! What was that book called...Mommies Who Drink? And you could catch up on all of those phone calls...;-)