Thursday, July 26, 2007

How very random...

I've frequently been accused of being "random" by the younger generation that usually follows me around. They say it so derisively: "Ahh, THAT'S raannndom!"

It usually isn't. It's simply that they have missed half the conversation - their fault for not listening -- or could even be my fault for not verbalizing the ongoing conversation in my head. It's personal! I'm not going to tell everybody!

The following thoughts, however, ARE random.

Is the summer half empty or half full?? I kept thinking it was almost over until one of the short ones who often hitch a ride with me said she is so glad that we are only half way through. Yesss. The thought brings greater comfort...

Only to be whoosed away by the report this week that "dry runs" for terror strikes are being held at airports across the country. My thought: Terror begins when the uniformed dudes rifle through my suitcases looking for a bomb. If I am a suspect, what about the would-be passenger behind me who looks a little whacked on something besides Red Bull. I don't want to judge, but ...

And another thing. I find the only place I pray anymore is in a plane, flying above the clouds. For some reason it always hits me, I just might be the only one on the plane who would utter a prayer. Think He hears me better when I am in the heavens??

Anyway, I can't help but wonder who gains more from the "increased traffic" regarding terrorism. Seems like a win-win for ALL interested parties... Did they really report that a block of cheese was thought to be a bomb??

I don't know whether to be afraid - very afraid - or more cynical - very cynical. Seems like everything is a suspected tool for terrorism - or cause of cancer.

What about stress?? I think we should find ways to eliminate stress in this world. Less stress, less stressed out people who want to commit an act of terrorism just to even the score.

Some schools have raised tuition by $7000 this year!! Is anyone looking at the unemployment stats these days?? What about the debt??

And why isn't anyone talking about economic recovery anymore?? Hey, I live in Flint! Throw us a bone!

The stocks tumble again. Why do right-wingers not consider "investing" in stocks gambling? I continue to "invest" in education with my scratch offs! Thank you Grandma that I continue to win on that initial investment the day of your funeral!!

I wish I would have known Pat Tillman. His story is one of the most moving I have ever heard.

I HATE this war... When oh when will it ever end?

Yes, the politics of hope! That is what I want!!

Is Rove really being subpoeanaed?? For real?? I can't even read the article for fear it may be another inaccurate headline...

God bless, Tammy Faye. If you haven't seen it, rent it: The Eyes of Tammy Faye. It will make you miss her -- I'm not kidding. She was one of a kind and a true inspiration...

I'm so glad the summer is only half way through!!

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Anonymous said...

Quit your whinging on 'bout it and get off your duff and so somt 'bout things! Godsake, what a wanker you are. Go on and start your own movement and stop dumping things into a blog.