Thursday, January 17, 2008

The best of 2007!

Our annual list of favorites of the previous year. Do you have a list???

May 2008 be even better!


Best of 2007

2 couples: David S surprise birthday trip to Florida.
new job @ Umicore (after long wait!)
Goodbye to Delphi and GM account
Daughtry @ Machine Shop March 11
Property inheritance: Lapeer lot
August Knights to Charity Island
new van (David)
Tighter bond with Dan & John and their families since passing of parents.
Lakisha Jones on American Idol
Colt & daddy "Boy who sailed around the world" book
Kalahari with Pam, Diane families
Webkins (isi/colt)
Nicki for birthday (isi)
Christmas vacation (isi)
King Arthur Show
Phantom of the Opera
Bryce Canyon
Learning chess
Trip up north with Janelle (isi’s favorite of the year)
Secret Santas in School
Fiesta at Our Lady of Guadalupe (Isi)
The Big Valley
Applebees with Stephensons
Runescape (colt)
Falling off cliff (colt)
Winning basketball game (colt)
Wrestling (colt)
Hairspray and accessories
Harry Potter premiere
Harry Potter book release/party
Going to Alysia’s house
Segways in Sarasota
John Lennon at St. Armands Circle
Ring-ling, Ring-Ling
Finding a wifi signal
Red Rooster
Weight Watchers with Stephensons
David France
David in Germany
First class
SJV Playground
Kids in soccer, basketball
Merry Maids
Isi hair highlighted
Spa for couples massage
New York City with Shari and Diane
Lauber’s condo
Morton’s Steak House
David’s birthday adventure
Great summer camps
Camp Copneconic (colt)
Daddy Daughter Dance
Family Halloween Dance Party
Japanese Steak House
Tim and Diane’s for New Year’s
Guitar Hero
Stephensons under the stars
New camera
Enchanted with Giselle
Garage sales at the cottage
Icarly premiere
Mt. Pleasant with Mom, Jan
Scratch offs with Grandma
Seeing Paul twice
Tubing at Big Fish Lake and Eikeys
Kevin’s recovery
Frankenmuth with Rodriguez and Jessica party
Dawn Hibbard’s birthday party
Liesel Cramer’s birthday party
the Wii
Pennsylvania (Isi)
4.0 Honor Roll for Isi
new glasses for kids
new Select Comfort bed


Anonymous said...

Glad I made the list....but, only once? Slippin on down the line...slm

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, enjoyed your list. Wondered, did you ever get rid of the taxi? Is the van on the list the replacement? Also, how's the new bed? Sorry we keep missing each other on IM's :( Love U all, Sharon