Thursday, February 28, 2008

On my mind...

As if you cared - the following represents just a titch of my mental ponderings these days.

Bush Says No Recession; Economists Differ

Honest to God? Bush really said publicly that the United States was not bound for a recession? Truly? I want what he's having!

Prince Harry On Front Lines in Afghanistan
Oh Good Lord! Take him off the front line! What are they thinking??

FBI Launches Clemens Perjury Investigation

I can't imagine caring any less about whether or not a baseball player took human growth hormones or steroids. Please - people, someone lied about weapons of mass destruction and then proclaimed to the world, mission accomplished. Hello! Which is worse - steriods to speed recovery or allowing thousands to die for a lie? I say, let Clemens go and start investigating some real crime!

Hasselbeck: Obama's Life Is in Danger

Why do I care anything about what Elizabeth Hasselbeck says? I don't - and I won't, ever. Now if she has insider information, that's one thing, but it's her young, white Republican opinion. Why doesn't she focus on McCain??

Cafferty: McCain not U.S.-born; does it matter?
Citizenship is citizenship. Why are we just now finding this out? Did he lie on his resume?? If we let him in, why not Granholm? She Canadian and holds far more promise than the 71-year-old Panamanian!

McCain Goofs, Calls Himself a Liberal

This one I laughed out loud on! You say goof, I say ploy. He's got to do something to compete with the Obama train...

Drew Peterson: 'I Controlled My Family'

No kidding?? He seems so docile! What is taking so long to lock this guy up??

1 in 100 Americans is behind bars
Notice they did not say what KIND of bar!!

Oil prices set new record above $102

Say it with me - 4 bucks for a gallon of gas. And yes, while we have all heard that the Bush oil dynasty has nothing to do with the elevated prices, why does my mind always go there?

Miley Cyrus likes to drink ketchup from bottle

This one I had to take a second look at. Yes, it truly is a news story. Did someone really get paid for that piece? Is it really worth the time, energy or paper used to compose the sentences? Again, I do not care. Why would anyone care about that ridiculous fact?

Court date delayed in latest dispute between Flint Clerk Inez Brown and Mayor Don Williamson's administration
I had to throw one in from the local media. This one promises to be a box office favorite. Who is going to win? The fact is, the contenders share the same audience. I'm predicting loyalties will be tested in this matter - Inez is going to see who her true friends are - and Williamson might be the only one who is surprised. Are you ready to rummmmbbbllleeee???

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O: You are way to harsh on Haselbeck...and,apparently dissin me simultaneously!! Oh well, it is your blog!! :)