Wednesday, April 02, 2008

South Beach by the sea

So here I sit, one of four other patrons that I can see, sitting at the News Café, waiting for the sun to rise over South Beach. When I walked by yesterday, there was a line waiting for a seat – and I have the best one. Of course it is 6:41 am. Not much of a crowd at this time, but plenty of characters – one I couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t strung out on x as he ran across the street, hands in the air, uttering something I failed to understand.

The waitress just brought me my bagel and lox… It’s her first day here. She keeps watching for the sunrise also. Who can blame her? It has to be a perk of the job, right? She was born and raised on South Beach, had an ex-boyfriend who once lived there, moved here, then moved back to “some place around Detroit,” as if I have never heard that before. Everyone thinks Michigan and Detroit are synonymous. When I asked her if she ever visited, she said no and gave a fearful little shudder, “I’m too afraid.”

Clearly she didn’t sleep where I slept last night! It’s why I am here, actually. Couldn’t sleep after the police raided the room next to ours at 4:48 am! They went in and roused someone out of bed, dragged him/her down the hall and left. Only to return a few minutes later to search the room, I presume. I have it all figured out, of course, as David continues to slumber undisturbed. I hate him for that!

So get this. The waitress says she doesn’t like this playground! What? Come on, you have to be kidding! Why, I asked her, more irritated than curious. “It’s boring.” Was it rude that I laughed so loudly that every head – ok all four heads – turned and looked at the crazy “Detroit Girl?” Patiently, I asked her what could possibly be more exciting than South Beach??

After all, my husband became a star – again – in South Beach, yesterday when he gashed his foot open on some glass while chasing waves. A sign at the beach told us there was a show being filmed on the beach that day and by continuing toward the water, we were agreeing to all that such filming could entail. I immediately started looking for cameras, forgetting the fact that I was wearing a bathing suit. Baywatch, I’m not! I should have turned the other way!

Anyway, he cut his foot so badly he left a trail of blood along the beautiful sandy beach all the way over to the lifeguard station. Suddenly, cameras were all around us! “What happened?” “Did the lifeguard help you?” They even asked Colton how he felt. “I’m just glad the lifeguard could help my dad,” he said.

So the show is slated to appear on Tru-tv in five or six months. Apparently, it is a documentary or reality tv show about lifeguards. Look for our smiling faces on a tv near you.

The breeze off the ocean is wonderful this morning, by the way.

April 2, 2008

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Anonymous said...

South Beach sounds beautiful except for cut foot and your hotel neighbor being arrested, why sweat the little things. Ha ha ha