Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"And they all came tumbling down..."

Lifted this from my sister-in-law - I thought it is too funny not to share. Merry Christmas!!


You no sooner left, I sat on my couch and our HUGE (9 foot, 300 pound) Christmas tree fell over, narrowly missing me! With our family history of trees falling down (many over the years!), I would have thought the "someone" would have thought to anchor the tree to the stair railing!!!!!!!!!!

We had 24 hours of a beautiful tree and now for the next 2 1/2 wks we get to stare at a tree with strings of lights that are out of alignment, flung up ornaments and a lot fewer ornaments. Our family memory which was supposed to be the collection of ornaments for when the kids leave home is gone, they may get 5 ornaments out of their time spent at home, but the memory will always be......trees falling down!

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David said...

This actually proves the theory that Christmas is actually one of the most DANGEROUS holidays of the year.

Listen everybody: celebrate CAREFULLY!!! This is no laughing matter. Many have been killed.

(Too bad it wasn't captured on film! A winner for sure).