Friday, July 17, 2009

Just who is Sam Riddle anyway?

I have Sam Riddle’s phone number stored in my cell phone. I just double-checked after reading the Free Press story about him being arraigned on multiple felony charges in connection with a corruption probe in Detroit.

I have never met anyone like Sam Riddle. But I did meet him.

In fact, I talked to him at least once on his cell phone.

There is no doubt that Flint has a cast of characters, especially in political circles. It isn’t long before even a novice can name the players and the wanna-be players. Don’t ever forget, Flint’s a small town. Anyone who is someone knows everyone. Kevin Bacon’s six degrees is too many in this made-for-tv reality.

And Sam Riddle is in the cast, frequently sauntering in as if he was the lead actor.

Apparently, Sam grew up in Flint, though no one could ever tell me where he lived or what school Sam attended. When I asked why he left Flint, no one knew. No one knew where he moved, where he worked, if he worked, if he was married, if he had any kids. They didn’t know how he made enough money to make regular returns to his alleged hometown, though someone did tell me once they thought he lived in Vegas. I then wondered if he was a professional gambler!

After every single conversation I would have about Sam Riddle, I always had more questions than answers – and I always seemed to be the only one who was interested, or curious, or perhaps stupid enough to care. Everyone else just seemed to accept his presence as an actor in our reality show.

I have to tell you, there is something unmistakably alluring about Sam Riddle, and maybe the interest was fed because of the air of mystery that seemed to surround him. He is tall, good looking, certain to draw attention whenever he entered a room. People always listened to him as he spoke, not because he is necessarily charismatic, but he exuded a confidence, a relaxed style that seemed to put people at ease.

One day, I just stopped asking questions about Sam Riddle.

I was surprised when the always-logical Sam joined the always illogical Williamson camp; horribly disappointed as well. It was then that I considered that Sam’s Flint appearances may have more to do with the color green than warm feelings for his hometown. Regardless, knowing Sam, his political acumen undoubtedly led Williamson to victory.

Sam Riddle apparently is the leading character of many different reality shows, a fete unto itself. The man obviously gets around – and not in an old beat up Buick either. His associations and influence goes well beyond the now cancelled Flint series. Yes, he has close ties with state reps and the Detroit City Council, if not a direct link to Kwame.

There is no doubt that Sam Riddle knows a lot about a lot of people. He won’t go down without a fight, without dragging others down with him.

I’m starting to think the Detroit show may soon turn into a blockbuster movie with none other than Sam Riddle starring in the leading role.

I still don’t know who Sam Riddle is!

But I have his cell number … maybe I should call him and ask…


Anonymous said...

Sam Riddle lived briefly near E. Court St. way back in the 1970's. When 17 inches of snow fell one day in April(I guess April in Flint isn't always Springtiome-as the old adage goes)he pushed my car out of a snowbank.

Anonymous said...

Sam Riddle lived in n Denver Colorado during the 1990's. He was involved there just as he has been in Detroit. He was a "political consultant" to Vikki Buckly, Colorado's first black secretary of state, and also first woman to hold the office. Vikki Buckly's office was investigated for hiring Sam Riddle with a huge contract, and critics said that they wanted to know what he did for "all that money". During the intense scrutiny of the investigation, Vikki died of a heart attack. The black community was in an uproar. The first black woman Secretary of State was dead. There was a wake and memorial service which was attended by many prominent political leaders. Driving home from the service, Sam Riddle was followed by a concerned citizen to his house for weaving and speeding and driving too slow. 911 tapes revealed that the citizen "believed that the driver of a Ford Expedition was drunk driving" "was afraid he was going to crash his SUV". When officers arrived at Riddle's house, Sam came out of the garage and scuffled with police. The police had discovered that the vehicle in which he was driving drunk in belonged to Denver Judge Claudia Jordan. It was later revealed that Riddle has a son with this judge. He was arrested, but released the same night without charge. Radio talk show host Peter Boyle asked the next morning "why didn't the police do a breathalyzer...and did they know the vehicle belonged to the judge? After several months of public outcry and the story on the daily airwaves, Sam Riddle was indited on 7 charges. He plead guilty to a lesser charge and avoided jail, but while serving probation, was again caught drunk driving. This time he was to do jail time, but disappeared from Denver mysteriously. Years later he again rose from the "sludge" and found his place in the "slime" light. But there's more. Much much more.

Anonymous said...
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