Saturday, March 26, 2011


I woke up this morning thinking about my friends Shari and Diane - well actually an incident with the two of them after Shari and I spent countless hours analyzing our personalities with various tests and charts and readings. Yes, we were totally confident in who we were - every response lined up. Shari ALWAYS responded this way; now we know why. I ALWAYS responded that way and my results said it was an affirming strength rather than the laughable fluke we often thought it was.

But then there was Diane. The tests and charts and readings didn't line up for her. We read the charts again. And again. And again, trying to understand our dear friend who we had known for so many years. Based upon our inarguable results with the two of us, it became crystal clear we did not know Diane. At all. She was not being honest about who she really was deep down inside. Why, oh why, would she not be honest with us?

So we confronted her - tests, charts, readings in hand. "Take this test, Diane. We want to understand you better." She looked at us as if we were once again scheming something bizarre. "Understand me? No one understands me better than the two of you." Shari and I look at each other knowingly; the lies have once again begun. "No really. Take it. We don't think we know you at all. In fact, we think you have been hiding your real person from us - we want to know the REAL you. Take this test. Read this chart. Look at this reading. If this were REALLY you, you would do it this way instead of how you have been pretending to do it for years. Diane, we LOVE you but who are you, who are you really??"

To appease us, she took the tests and Shari and I devoured the results, shifting them through our now expert filters. "See, she's not being honest with us! Her results say this yet she has always said that. Oh no, now what? What do we do?"

New results in hand, we confront. "Diane, your results say you are this and not that. Your results say you like that and not this. We have always ALWAYS thought you liked THIS."

For about 10 seconds she just stared at us with our tests, charts and readings. Then she chuckled and shook her head from side to side. "You guys are nuts. I don't know what you THINK you have discovered about me but, all I know is that I am me, that I have been genuine in showing - especially the two of you - who I am. I am not pretending. There is no one else hidden deep inside. This is me." It was touching, moving really.

Blink, blink.

I look at Shari, she at me.

Blink, blink.

"Poor thing," Shari says. "SHE doesn't even know who she is." I nod affirmingly knowing that the two of us now had a new adventure before us of discovering the real Diane.

Diane abruptly left the room, throwing her hands up in the air in total surrender - to our wisdom we were sure!

I went to bed angry at David last night because I figured out who he really is and HE also rejected my wisdom. He said he was something else altogether. So we went down the tests, charts and readings by every jott and tittle. "Nope, not me," he says. "Not you?? SOO YOU!"
"No way!" "Yes way and sooo way."

He went to sleep angry, contrary to scripture I might add since it says somewhere that we aren't suppose to go to sleep angry.

The tattered and torn heap of tests, charts and readings are lying in a heap in the corner of my room now.

... I wonder if Isi and Colt are old enough ...

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