Sunday, August 03, 2014

Oh Holy Family

As I look deep into the eyes of my now young-man son and soon-to-be adult daughter, it is so hard to hold back the tears of utter gratefulness for all that they are, for all that they bring to my life and the lives of others. I have never one time grown tired of their presence in my every moment. I miss them when they are not with me - yet joyously release them to whatever endeavor they might be seeking in the next moment.

In so many ways,
they are my heart.
They are my soul.

And I have yet to find a single parenting book or article that articulates this amazing experience in a way that resonates with me.

Tonight, I stumbled upon this, in an old classic Be Here Now.

It moves me so.

"Oh Holy Family

And as the children who are the fruit of the union appear, see them as divine avatars, holy beings who have come recently from our true HOME to teach. Nourish and feed them as they feed you. Listen for their tone, see their ray so as to help them fulfill their spiritual destiny, provide a matrix for their consciousness. Great care must be taken to guide the entity on this plane. Choose carefully the initial impressions which they will be registering as you would the food they eat. They are the hope and destiny of the universe. Respect and honor them. Guide them clearly. Keep the home calm and free of chaotic inputs. Let love burn in all the lamps. Thru all of this face and cope out the difficulties. For the woman there will be the heavy pull of the earth element. The children will feel any psychic withdrawal on her part. She must find a place a little removed for deep meditation. When they wake up during meditation explain clearly what you are doing. Read them holy stories to acquaint them with spirit life so that they may remember. Keep your practice regular and the children will stay in tune. Don’t trip too far too fast or psychic disequilibrium will upset months of work. Do not sacrifice relationships with the children for what you may think is spiritual necessity."

My children are indeed divine avatars that have already changed the world for good, holy beings who within their very hearts and souls contain the destiny of the universe...

I am blessed indeed.

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