Tuesday, August 22, 2006

10 am The West Village!

I don't close the door on the shower door! There isn't one! And the "spray" comes down from the ceiling! I think the floor is granite! And this place has one of those Stephenson sinks, a modernistic bowl with these fancy water tuners. Both beds are this wonderfully hip low-to-the-floor mattresses. Shari's has a great light wood frame that matches the wood throughout the room. And did I mention the large screened mini Mac that is complete with wireless keyboard and mouse. Outside the windows in front of me is sunshine (it has been here everyday) and two fabulous trees. Shari said they are Magnolias and that when she was here last they were in full bloom: white and pink. How absolutely beautiful it must be!

The star map, as if we looked at one, says Holly Hunter lives just down the block and David Blaine could be looking in at me right now! He lives behind us ... somewhere ... if the map can be trusted. History also states that Kahil Graban died in the hospital just steps away.

And did I mention that I fell in front of the woman from Sex and the City? What is her name? Sarah Jessica Parker? Ah yes, strolling down a street in Soho, I look behind me (looking for Kelly Ripa actually, because I heard she lived near there) and spot Sara. I whisper to Shari that she is behind us, then, as I trip over the curb, I decide I am going to try and play it off to Shari that I did it on purpose just to see how humane Sara is - aren't you wondering what Sara did?? Well, she actually crossed the street, took her glasses off and asked if I was ok - very humane - I like that. I reassured her and Shari that I was fine when I realized that I don't think it was Sara afterall - of if it was, she looks a bit older without all the glam (which maybe she does, how old would she be anyway?) As she passed by, asking another time if I was ok, I whispered to Shari that I did it on purpose. She believed me for a minute and thought I was very cagey in my sacrifices to meet a star. God only knows what I would have done if it was David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman.

But I now have seen several stars - Biff, recognize the name?? He is David Letterman's assistant! Yes I know, very impressive. I didn't fall. But I felt like I was going to when WE WERE ON LETTERMAN!!!! Well, ok, we weren't guests on Letterman, but we were audience members! Main floor, about 7 rows from the stage!! What a dream is that?? It was absolutely fantastic. Dave is awesome, very friendly with the audience - and the stage is truly far more impressive than the cameras reveal.

After the show, like the rest of the groupies, we stood in line to see Maggie Gyllenhaal (I didn't know how to spell her name! In fact, I didn't really know her. I didn't fall!) come out from the show.

Soooooo, I have to say, I refuse to wake up from this dream! Tonight, we are going to the opening of Usher does Chicago - I better take some body armor, eh??

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Anonymous said...

Hey I didn't realize you were in the studio audience!! I should've stayed up and watched it. Sounds like you're having a fun time~~good! We look forward to you coming home tomorrow night.