Sunday, August 20, 2006

10:12 pm NYC

I swear Shari is trying to kill me!

Well, let me start over. After all, we are staying in a place that is beyond imagination. Wonderful brownstone, recently remodeled to look EXACTLY like all those magazines. Beautifully restored hardwood floors, brick northern wall, contemporary
minimalistic interiors. I just had to sit there in the cab when he pulled up to this place - and I had not even seen the inside!. History along this street alone is remarkable - lots of writers - Around the World in 80 Days was composed just a few doors down.

So why am I watching the Flavor of Love on this plasma tv?????

And there are two cats - that continue to elude us despite our gentle cooing. DANG cats! I swear we will be friends by the time I wake up from this dream...

I wish I wouldn't have told you about the Flavor of Love! It's kind of how I felt last night when we were at this improv, front seats, and the comic asked me where I was from. Michigan, I said with a big smile, hoping, just hoping that she would be content with the answer. She was - the next comic wasn't. He was from Lansing! He made a few comments about Michael Moore and his movies and then continues with his act. THEN, the next one was from Michigan also - Birmingham to be more specific. She asked that we not judge her because of her hometown. I asked that she do the same. She and I knew what we meant. Shari did too. I think it flew past the others.

Don't judge me.

I was thinking of how we judge - how I judge - today after watching The History Boys, a Tony Award winning show that depicted from the stage many things including judging, I guess. Funny how much homosexuality comes up anymore, or is less judgmental to say gay? Today's show certainly had it as an undercurrent theme. What show doesn't any more? The awareness is of gays in our society has blossomed. I'm not sure there is a living soul who is not more aware than ever of gays, lesbians and bisexuals. Not that it matters that much because there is still sooo much homophobia out there - well not here - but out there. It's as easy to find as well, gays.

Except in Flint. Our bluecollar town wouldn't do well with The History Boys - not that it doesn't exist in Flint - we just don't talk about it. We turn our gaze in another direction - say, to Blacks or whites, to what we don't have, to crime, to job security. The truth is, despite our averted eyes, we all probably know someone who is gay, someone who is out or in. We just don't talk about it.

In New York - in Hollywood - they talk about it. They write about it. They perform it. Gays acts straight in our favorite shows. Straights even act gay.

I am beginning to think that we are making too big of a deal about all of this gayness. Today's show seem to imply that perhaps its more about sex than homosexuality. Men who "experience" a man are simply seeking to experience another form of sex. It's not a preference as much as another experience. I watched an episode of Cops one night where a man "experienced" the drain of a pool! On national television, he thought it might feel good to experience a pool!

I hate to sound so cynical, or judgmental. However, I must say, I don't hear too often of females seeking the same experiences. Today's show seemed to reflect that as well. Is there a time in an adolescent male where such diversions are ok and free from the judgment of others? Do such desires truly pass?

I just tried to pet the cat again. She ran. Do you think she is judging me????

So I am expecially exhausted tonight and my feet hurt, because as I said earlier, Shari is trying to kill me. She is older, but she is in far better shape. The truth is in the pudding. We walked and we walked and we walked - and then walked some more. We went to the Magnolia Bakery where I passed on Red Velvet Cake (dang diet), we hit the meatpacking district where we lunched on French cuisine, we subwayed to Times Square, and checked out the webcam on Christopher Street. I wish someone could have seen us! And then we walked some more. If I had a dime for every time Shari said, "It's right up here," and we walked well beyond. What is up with that??? Does she never get tired???

We finally came home well after 9. I worry about tomorrow.

On second thought, I want to turn over and keep dreaming this unbelievable dream...

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Hey Sue, just read your blog:) have fun! skt